The Top 25 Most Underrated Guitar Players

Written by:

1. Max Eider (The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, David J., solo)


2. Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera, solo)


3. Jonathan Richman (Modern Lovers, solo)


4. Joey Santiago (Pixies)


5. George Benson


6. Owen Vyse (Starclub, solo)


7. Kevin Salem (Dumptruck, solo)


8. D. Boon (Minutemen)


9 .Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac, solo)


10. Carrie Brownstein (Sleater Kinney)


11. Andy Gill (Gang of Four)


12. Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice, solo)


13. Christian Bland (The Black Angels)


14. Robby Krieger (The Doors)


15. Karl Precoda (The Dream Syndicate)


16. Bernard Sumner (New Order)


17. John Squire (The Stone Roses)


18. Will Sergeant (Echo and the Bunnymen)


19. Dave Gleason (Dave Gleason’s Wasted Days)


20. Susan Surftone


21. Andrew Mckenzie (Grand Prix, Golden Curtain)


22. Bob Stinson (The Replacements)


23. Annie Clark (St. Vincent)


24 Tim DiJulio (Dept. Of Energy, Stereo Embers)


25. Mike Connell (The Connells)





  1. Future Crater Reply

    Good list, though please add Robyn Hitchcock.

  2. Dave K Reply

    Yes, Robyn Hitchcock deserves to be on a list like this, as does Chris Spedding.

  3. Michael Dill Reply

    A few folks I’m not sure are really underrated- at least by people who seem to know about these matters. More folks I’m glad to see receive some props though, so in all a good list.

  4. Ashley Reaks Reply

    John McGeoch (Magazine) and John McKay from the early Banshees would make my list – Bernard Sumner wouldn’t!

  5. disqus_x080xPAsDU Reply

    Hitchcock and McKay I can see, but one thing McGeoch and Spedding are not is underrated. Under-known, perhaps, but otherwise very highly rated…Dave Cantrell

  6. arvopart Reply

    Elliott Easton! And me.

  7. Christian Stefos Migliorese Reply

    Rivers from Weezer deserves a nod

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