Jeff Wood – The Jeff Wood Project

Jeff Wood
The Jeff Wood Project

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Boasting one of the smoothest deliveries in country music today, it’s a wonder that singer/songwriter Jeff Wood has been a secret this long.  Wood’s new album is a heartfelt collection about love and hope and faith and having the strength to face all three at the same time.  Golden-throated and armed with a knack for knowing his way around a country song, Wood sings with the kind of effortlessness many artists search for their entire careers.  The Jeff Wood Project is a seamless batch of songs that’s his strongest and most assured work to date.  The folky resolve of “Here I Go Again” is nothing short of rousing, “The One You Love” is catchy and radio-ready and “Like It Was Yesterday” is tender and touching.  “Freefallin’” is a breezy and meditative number that clocks in at seven minutes; “In Our Younger Years” is achingly wistful and “The Present” is decidedly moving.

–Alex Green

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